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Foreign Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue's Response to the Second Presidential Report on the "Tibet Issue" Submitted by the US Government to the Congress
2004-07-13 00:00

Q: Recently, the US Government submitted to the congress the second presidential report on the "Tibet Issue" in accordance with the provisions of the State Department Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2003. What comment does China have on this?

A: Tibet is a part of China and the Tibetan affairs completely fall within China's internal affairs. The US presidential report, which was submitted in compliance with the US domestic law, defies facts, makes irresponsible remarks on China's Tibetan affairs and drum for Dalai's splittist activities. It violates the basic norms governing international relations and the principles in the three Sino-US joint communiqu├ęs and interferes with China's internal affairs. China stands firmly against it.

The Chinese Central Government adopts a clear policy towards Dalai. We can have contact and talks with him as long as he genuinely abandons his advocacy for "Tibet independence", stops his splittist activities and declares in public that he recognizes Tibet and Taiwan as inalienable parts of China.

We requires the US to respect facts, match its deeds with its repeatedly reaffirmed commitment to recognizing Tibet as a part of China and refraining from support for "Tibet independence" and stop using the Tibet issue to interfere with China's internal affairs.

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